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Peer Support – How to talk about Suicide: Having a conversation about suicide with your patients is one thing, but what if someone you loved disclosed that they’d been having thoughts of suicide? Join UAlberta MSA Peer Support Coordinators Kendra & Indy for a session on how to have difficult conversations around suicide. There will be a short presentation on how to identify who may be at risk, and an introduction to useful communication tools and community resources available. After this, you’ll get the chance to practice what you’ve learned. You’ll leave this session with some concrete tools and resources you can put into action if you ever find yourself in this situation

Preventing Tech Neck and Other Postural Mishaps: Learn how to prevent tech neck and improve your posture. This interactive session will provide practical advice on how to protect your neck and shoulders from postural strain, including how to identify dysfunction in the cervical spine. Attendees will also be guided through a practical chair yoga and mat yoga session to take home.

A Resident Physician’s View of Residency – News from the Trenches: Do you have questions about clerkship? Questions about the CaRMS match? Questions about residency training? Then come talk to resident physicians who will be sharing from their own experience to provide you with insights and tips into clerkship, the CaRMS match, and making the most of your medical school and residency training.

Hatha Yoga: Please join Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor Brenda for a playful mixed level class; accessible to all. Explore the many reasons why more health practitioners are prescribing yoga; nature’s most potent anti-stress medicine for their patients and themselves.

Student Led Hike: Do you enjoy nature? Views? Exercise? Hangover cures? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will love this session! Pack some shoes, a variety of clothing layers, and a sense of adventure for this unique and memorable session. This is a guided hike to the top of Tunnel Mountain, near The Banff Centre. ~2h, 4.4km and 300m elevation gain.

Play for a Happy, Healthy Sex Life: A happy sex life – whether on your own or with a partner – is an important part of overall health and well being. In this workshop, we will explore how play and exploration lead to improved sexual health. We will look at the variety of ways adult toys can increase satisfaction in sex lives and with life overall. We will explore the types of adult toys that are available for self- exploration and for play with a partner and how to choose toys that are body safe.

Beyond Mindfulness: Mindfulness is a buzz word these days! Though it is a great introduction to the power of watching the mind, it is possible to easily transcend, go beyond and achieve deeper inner peace and outer dynamism. This session gives you simple, yet profound tools to calm the mind and at the same time energize it to increase performance and productivity in daily life.

Massage as Medicine: Learn about the benefits of massage therapy for your patients, and for you. We will briefly discuss common conditions treated with massage therapy, contraindications to treatment and how to find a good therapist in Alberta. Hone your skills by learning a simple chair massage sequence and some fundamental massage techniques. Everyone will get the chance to give and receive a massage!

Charcoal Figure Drawing: In this two-hour session students will receive instruction and opportunities to draw the figure from a variety of poses offered from a live male model.

Improv and Communication and UIG: Improv is one of the greatest skills that can help us with our public speaking, communication, and better understand the way we interact with people and the world around us! The basis of improv is the idea of a “yes, and…” attitude. The session will involve inclusive, improv games and learning the basic techniques of coming up with justifications on the spot! So, if you’re in being open and trying something new that can help you grow in your communication skills with others, this is the workshop session for you! Come ready for laughs, giggles, and guffaws.

Art Therapy with Peter: Having a conversation about suicide with your patients is one thing, Art Therapy can be an important part of healthcare and can provide mental health treatment to those having experienced grief and loss, chronic illness, abuse, trauma, and more. As medical students, we can easily forget to take the time to self- reflect, self-care and be creative. This laid back session will give you the chance to do all three of those things while getting a taste of art therapy exercises. You will take part in a guided imagery session, finger painting and your choice of self-guided art or structured projects. All materials will be provided and no experience is required; just come with an open mind! If you want to get creative and take a mental break, this is a session for you.

*Clinical Skills A – Obstetrical Skills for the Clinical Clerk: In this workshop participants will have the opportunity to rotate OBGYN related skills stations. These include: pap test/pelvic exam, IUD insertion, vaginal birth simulator, and a laparoscopic surgery trainer. Participants will also be introduced to forceps and vacuum assisted delivery, artificial rupture of membranes, and progress of labor.

*Clinical Skills B – Surgical Skills (Suturing and Hand Ties): Come learn how to suture, both beginner and advanced, as well as learning how to hand tie!

*Clinical Skills C – Airway Skills: An introduction to the basics of airway management. Participants will learn about the anatomy of the airway and get hands on with important airway management skills such as bag-mask ventilation, oral/nasal airway insertion, and intubation.

*Clinical Skills D – Back Country Splinting and Fracture Care: A brief look at the complications that can arise from a reasonably common traumatic injury that can occur during backcountry activities.

*Clinical Skills E – High Fidelity Simulation: STARS Air Ambulance focuses its training towards the high acuity low frequency patient through hands on Simulation. STARS also provides this type of training throughout Rural Alberta through its Mobile Simulation program. The goal of this session is to provide an introduction to this type learning environment and the benefits of high fidelity simulation.